Atri Jeeva Naadi

Dynamic Predictions from Maharshi Atri and his consort Anusuya



By now the readers of 'Naadi guru on' web site are aware of the Naadi Predictions. They are astonishing divinations of the ancient sages written on the palm leaf like Agasthya, Vashista, Bhrugu, Shukar, Kak Bhujanda and many whose names we read only in scriptures of Indian literature.

What is Jeeva Naadi?

Jeeva Naadi is dynamic, vibrant and live Naadi predictions, wherein the Maharshi reacts to the needs or problems of a person, as if he himself is present before the seeker. He is reacting to the situation of the happenings on the spot. Thus, it is a very special and precise method.

Maharshi Atri

The present standard system of Naadi predictions is that, the seeker gives the thumb impression as per the gender (who tries to reach the leaf ) and try to reach out to the exact leaf which matches to the description of the seeker. In this system there are chances that one may be lucky to pinpoint the pertinent palm leaf in matter of minutes or some times after hectic search of many hours, one has to go empty handed to try for the next time or to forget it as a bad joke.

"Jeeva or Dynamic Naadi" apparently looks similar in its appearance. But the contents and the method of reaching to the exact matter on leaf differs to a greater extent.

There is a Jeeva Naadi of Maharshi Atri or Atreya and his consort Mahasati Anusuya. Many may not be aware about these personalities as per Puranic legends. Atri and Anusuya was the famous couple, for their penance and powers they had gained by severe Yoga Sadhana . They were tested by the three personalities who were supposed to be the creator Brahma, Vishnu the saviour and Shiva the destroyer. In disguise as hungry and tired pilgrims, the trio made a firm demand for mid day meals immediately; putting a strange and queer condition; that , Anusuya should serve them without cloths, without waiting for the host Atri, who was yet to return from morning rituals, (Anusuya should serve them without cloths.)

Realising that this is a façade to test her, she complied the demand. Not only she turned the trio into infants but also breast fed them. Maharshi Atri was delighted to see the strange sight on return. His wife Anusuya, very fond of children was blessed with three extraordinary children. The trio asked Atri Maharshi to relieve them. However, the couple converted them in an Avatar called Dattatreyaa. Datta means given or presented, traya means trio , Atreya means to Atri family. In short, Avatar of the trio presented to Atri and his consort Anusuya for the betterment of the worldly affairs. The Dattatreya Avatar later on was treated to be the initiator of the Nava Nath - Sampradaya commune of nine Siddhas, Aadi Nath - Primal being Shiva.

The present day person could seek the counsel of Maharshi Atri and Anusuya from three packets of palm leaves. The seeker starts getting ready and instant written answers narrated by the Naadi reader as if the couple is present opposite the seeker.


The procedure

The seeker gets an appointment for the day and time. When called in, the seeker prays for the blessings of the Maharshi. The 12 conches or cowries are thrown for getting the exact leaf. there is another method of arriving to the exact leaf for those who are not physically present and wish to seek the blessings of Maharshi. The person has to tell, any random number from 1 to 108. Based on that number, the reader will reach to the leaf and start narrating the mater pertaining to the question /query. On one occasion in reply to a specific query, Atri Maharshi had suggested this method to get him from far off places in future.The seeker loudly narrates the query, question or requests in his language. The reader understands it with the help of the translator if needed. After turning requisite palm leaves based on the number of cowries falling overturn position, the reading starts.

After reading some sentences from the leaf the reader starts narrating what Maharshi has to say on the posed question. The meaning is narrated in the required language. When the narration is over the seeker could ask next point if needed. Maximum of five questions or points are replied in one session.

Mr. Uday Mehta seeking answers from three packets of
Atri Jeeva Naadi and 12 cowries

The points in written format help to be precise and easy for comprehension. On many occasions, it is observed that the point is further elaborated by the way of discussion between the couple. On occasions on behalf of the seeker, Maata - Mother - Anusuya elaborates the question or some times persuades to (remove) her spouse to provide the solution or remedy out of her concern for the seeker.

While in the session the atmosphere gets surcharged with emotions. It changes in jiffy. Some times laughter occupies the light mood, smile appears on the receiving best compliments from Maharshi. When scolding appears through the reading for the mistakes committed, face becomes gloomy; the tears roll out for regrettable the plight ; on finding solutions to come out of the grim future the heart beats return to normal pace. On some occasions Maharshi himself, with his spouse gets choked up with emotions. They plead for grace of the Almighty - Param Shiva - to pull out of the deplorable state of his seeker. The seeker feels overjoyed when Maharshi himself assures that he will start penance on his behalf. The heart fills with gratitude that in times of difficulties one is not alone. There is some great power to protect us,( guide us if sincerely reach out for the assistance in time What is the meaning of this sentence.. Heart filled emotions, tears in eyes, when all - seeker along with reader and translator - come out, every one goes into exhilarated state of mind for a long long time.

This is only the outline of what happens inside the reading room. One (had ) has to witness it, experience it to get the divine blessings and guidance of spiritually enlightened souls. With the hands folded for prayers, head bowed down with reverence, if one goes to seek blessings, why will he not get the best of the supreme divine?



  1. It is requested to seek for your leaf in normal thumb impression manner initially and then seek for the blessings from the Jeeva Naadi any time.

  2. Presently charges for Indian seekers are Rs.100/- per Question.

  3. Maximum of Five Questions are permitted per session.

  4. Translator Facility is available.

  5. For further details Please refer to Naadi Guru on

What is the method for the seekers who want the answers but can't come in person there is a system to do so.

There are TWO Atri Naadi centers of Shri. Eashwran located in Chinchwad and Dahanukar colony, Kothrud, Pune.
Contact no. is 0091-9322790839 and 0091 - 9823228855 respectively.

  1. You directly call on this phone No. 9120 - 27274742 or 0091 - 9322790839 Naadi reader Shri. Eashwran will come on telephone line.

  2. He will ask you to imagine one number form 1 to 108.

  3. You mention the number to Shri Vaidhyanathan, Atri Naadi reader and then he will ask you to tell him the question / query you want to be answered.

  4. Naadi reader will ask you to keep praying for the mercy of Atri Maharshi.

  5. Naadi reader would flip the Naadi leaves and then read out the relevant answers.

  6. The answer is in old Tamil which will be translated in Hindi or Marathi.

  7. Generally in this format of conversation Mata Anusuya Devi will intervene to seek more information / questions to Atri Maharishi on behalf of the seeker. The Maharshi will answer the question.

  8. Thus one can keep asking five questions.
    In some instances Maharishi will prescribe some Pujas also in case there is a problem which needs to be solved.
    You could ask maximum of 5 questions per person at a time.
    for charges and banker's details contact Naadi Center.

Most amazing part is that there are only 3 Naadi books from which the reader reads out the answer. Thus the matter on the palm leaf changes every time.
You directly make the payment to Shri. Eashwran.
Naadi guru on web is a Non-Profit site and we do not undertake any responsibilities. The financial transaction is purely between the Naadi seeker and Naadi center.


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