Categories of karma.

Karma is divided into four primary categories: (1) sanchita (2) prarabdha (3) kriyamana and (4) agama. Sanchita and prarabdha karma can be generally understood as the unchangeable fate or destiny of the individual, with kriyamana and agama karma reflecting the person's free will or choice.

The following is a basic description of each type of karma.

  1. Sanchita karma can be defined as one's collective karmas from all past incarnations. Sanchita basically means, "Heaped together or accumulated" and reflects the collection of all karmas due to known and unknown actions of the past.

  2. Prarabdha karma is the specific karmic lessons that an individual is ready to experience in this lifetime. Thus, it is only a portion of the collective sanchita karma and may be experienced as a person's destiny or fate in the present incarnation.

  3. Kriyamana karma is created by our current actions in this lifetime. It can be thought of as our free will or effort that we are exerting now. It is our daily behaviour and personal actions. As the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, and great Jyotishi (Astrologer) Swami Sri Yukteswar who was stated, "The first lesson on the spiritual path is to learn to exercise the free will to behave".

  4. Agama karmas are created by how we envision the future. They are the new actions that are contemplated as you plan your work as a result of personal insight. As the Buddha stated, "As we think, we create our world".

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