My Personal Background 

I am the youngest son of my parents and I have 3 brothers and one sister. Education was in the family. My father had completed his M.A. (Mathematics) in 1941 and mother completed her B.A. at the age of 40 along with my sister. All my brothers had completed their B. Tech from I.I.T. Mumbai so it was obvious for me to purse Electrical Engineering from I.I.T. Mumbai, which I completed in 1974 and then in 1975 successfully completed Cost and Works Accountants examinations from Kolkatta. After that, in 1975 I went to U.S.A. In California , I completed by M. B. A. in Finance from Santa Clara University and did M. A. in Economics from California State University at Haywards and also obtained my License to Practice as C.P.A., Certified Public Accountant from California based on my work experience with Price Waterhouse & Co. Besides this I had  also completed C.M.A. from New York . That was a time in my life everything I wanted was coming to me without any difficulties. While working for Price Waterhouse & Co. in 1978 the company decided to train Auditors/Accountants in computer technology as the computerization was taking place in big way and the Accountants/Auditors were not aware of the computer technology. As  a result company decided to train one individual from each of the major offices and some of the International offices. I was selected from San Francisco / Oak Land / San Jose area. No less a accomplishment as I was competing against about 40 'White American' Auditors of the company  and needless to say that I was the only 'Brown skinned person' in the whole group who spent 6 months in New York for Intensive Training Program.  This was still 1978 U.S.A. and things were not what they are today.  

After leaving Price Waterhouse & Co., I joined General Electric & Co. in San Jose and finally to The World Bank in Washington D.C.     

So after Marriage in 1985 there was a project waiting for us in Saudi Arabia where I was deputed for a period for six months  from the World Bank. We were to design the software for printing what is known as the 'Green Book' or the Budget Book for the Ministry of Finance, Saudi Arabia. It was a wonderful assignment. Nice group of people to work with and finally beautiful wife to live with and enjoy all the good things the  life had to offer. During this time, Priti got pregnant. I still remember vividly, it was 1 st April 1986 when we did the home pregnancy test and found out that she was pregnant. We were both happy about it.  

We completed the assignment and came back to India and since she was pregnant we did not rush back to U.S.A. and decided to have a baby in India . We had consulted the best Pediatrician, the best Gynecologist and the Elizabeth Nursing home at Napean Sea road closer to her house in Mumbai. Everything was going fine, so we thought. Regular check ups and good health and we were both very happy.


On 30 th December 1986 , we had a Baby Boy whom we later named as "Siddh". He was born normal, though there was a slight delay in arrival of the Gynecologist to the delivery table. After the birth, he was examined by the leading pediatrician and everything was O.K. However he was a bit small and under weight so we had to keep him in Incubator. The nurses asked if it is O.K. to keep the baby outside along with all the other babies who were in Incubators and we agreed. Next day, we were all together till late evenings and then since it was a New Year eve, I went for a small gathering at my uncle's house, which was near to the hospital.


On 1 st January 1987 , I woke up by a sudden call from my brother-in-law telling me there is something terribly wrong with Siddh and I should rush to the hospital. After examination, doctor told us that he had the attack of Hypoglycemia and as a result his Blood Glucose had suddenly dropped and the brain has got damaged. Now, the life was series of medical tests with all negative results and Doctor's proclaiming that he will not live for more than 3-4 days ! That was 21 years back and he is still with us. So much for that doctor's predication about human life and death.  

After two months, we took him to U.S.A. we went to Dallas Children's hospital and then to  Oakland Children's hospital. From Medical Science till date we have not found the reason for his sickness. Suddenly life had become series of night mares. As they say when it Rains it Pours .  

As any one who has been thru series of problems like this knows that this type of situation puts tremendous pressure on Marriage.  There was family tension on both sides. We survived all that. But still we were not sure where to live ? in USA , So we were going back and forth between India and USA not able to decide where to live.

Life starts in India. In 1992, we took him to U.S.A. and got him examined at Kennedy Kriger Center in Baltimore . Supposed to be the best in the World to see if there is any hope to improve the damage Siddh had suffered. The answer was "NO" as the brain had got severely damaged and there is no way to turn that back. This was the final blow no more hopes from the Medical science. If the best in the World has no answer ? where can we go? So now the decision was made to settle down in India with family support.  

In Hindi it says "When Dava (Medicine) fails go for Dua (Blessings)"  

We took Siddh to various different Monks - Jain Monks, Hindu Monks and Buddhist Monk.            

They all said he was a big monk in his previous life but would not cure him.


Finally we found the Answers to our Questions BUT Not the Solution  

All along we were wondering we never hurt any one, never bothered any one we were both healthy and decent looking then - why did we have a Son like this? What did we do wrong to deserve this in our life. Also if Siddh was a big Monk then why is he suffering from such a major disease in his life? Why us? Many people would say it is due to Karma but we did not understand what exactly it meant.   

Then one day, Siddh's physiotherapist named Leena told us thru Mallu, Siddh's caretaker that there is one Mr. Murlidharan who resides near the Pune airport and he does this Naadi reading based on AGASHTHYA MAHARISHI. We called up Mr. Murlidharan and got his appointment.  

When we went to his office. He took the thumb impression - right one for the man and left one for the women. He would also ask you for the first letter of your name. Based on these he would bring several small books.  

He would open the book and read from the page which looks like this. take photo 

On each page MAHARISHI AGASTHYA has written future of one individual.  


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