Role of Website:-

The 'Naadi Guru on ' is basically NOT for PROFIT website which gives you relevant information only.
We would like you to come forward and share your experience on the web site so that other Naadi seekers can benefit from the same.
As advised by Naadi Maharishis, many of the seekers may like to go on a pilgrimage to visit many holy places / Temples as mentioned in different Chapters of Naadi leaves. The Website may in future provide details for places of pilgrimage, in addition to the Navagrahas Temples.

Role of Naadi Centers:-

  1. The scanned thumb impression will be sent to the Naadi centers by Naadi Seekers directly where a search of the exact leaf pertaining his/her leaf will be carried out by their expert staff. While the search will be undertaken based on the information of names of the seeker and his/her father and the date of birth. In case the leaf matching with these details is located then the Naadi center will approach the seeker to confirm the other details such as mother and spouse's names, number of brothers and sisters and children if any, education, employment /business profession horoscope etc. If the seeker wishes When the leaf is found out, the Naadi centre will intimate the Naadi Seeker that the leaf has been found out. The fees will be paid by the Naadi Seekers to the Naadi Center directly only when the leaf containing information is found out.

  2. The recording of the verses from the palm leaf will be copied out in a notebook and the CD will be made of translated versions to explain the revealing, in English or Hindi language as per the demand of the client.

  3. Recorded version as per the Notebook will be sent via Email or couriered.

Role of Naadi Seekers

  1. Make prompt payment to Naadi reader once the proper leaf is found.

  2. Share your experience with others on this website.

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Significance of Naadi

Naadi Prediction

Naadi Predictions more amazing than the Great Nostradamus ?  
Michel de Nostredame (December 14, 1503 – July 2, 1566), usually Latinized to Nostradamus.
The caption of this article might shock many readers. Because up till now every one presumed that Nostradamus was and is the number one astrologer, of the world! Now who is this new Naadi astrologer?
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