There are 18 chapters in all. Of these, 14 are the main chapters and the rest are special chapters. The first (general) chapter is compulsory, as it is the main basis for finding the correct leaf. Later, if you want to take out any other chapter, that will be taken out on special request.

The charges per Kandam (Chapter) and payment method will be indicated by the Naadi centres directly.
List Of Chapters Details
To find out through thumb impression (Gents Right, Ladies Left) or horoscope of the concerned person which will contain name, parent's name, present details of professions, brothers, sisters, and children's, wife, and gist of future predictions for all the 12 houses.
Money, Eyes, Family, Education & speech.
Number of brothers & sisters, affections, health or ill feeling in between self & brother & sisters, ears, courage, Household utensils.
Mother, House, Vehicles, Land & Pleasures.
Children, their birth, reasons for not having children, adoptions or remedial measures for having children, future lives of children.
Disease, Debt, Enemies, Court Cases, etc.
Age of marriage & Details.
Longivity Accident & Danger to life, Age, Month, Date , Day, Time Star, Lagnam & Place of Death.
Predictions in regard to father, Wealth, Visit to temples, Luck preaching through holy men, charitable deeds.
Professions, future predictions in regard to job or business, change of place, good & evils in profession.
Profits in business & second Marriage.
Expenditure, Foreign Visit, next Birth & Atainment of Salvation.
SHANTI PARIHARAM:Last Birth, Sins Committed, Remedial measure for getting rid of the effect of the past births sins.
DEEKSHA PARIHARAM:Mantra japan, wearing of Rakshai (talisman) for avoidance of enemies, troubles etc. For this birth.
AUSHAD CHAPTER:Medicines for long standing disease and method of taking them.
DISABUKTHI CHAPTER:Predictions for running Disa Bukhati (major sub. Period)

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