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Naadi and significance of Nava Grahas

The celestial bodies, Navagrahas comprise Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu (The two nodes of the eclipses- the solar and the lunar). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not included in Navagrahas because they were deemed too far away to exert any influence. The word Graha means, 'to attract'. Those celestial bodies are believed to affect the physical and mental condition of human beings. The Grahas are considered to have both a malevolent as well as benevolent influence on the day-to-day course of one's life. They can be invoked to aid in solving of the pettiest of tribulations. It's deemed in ones own interest not to provoke them.

They occupy a unique niche in the Naadi Predictions and also in Indian Hindu pantheon. They are not the part of the Triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Nor they are major deities akin to the mother goddesses Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati or other such as Kartikeya, Hanuman, Ganapathi, or Ayyappa.

What exactly do the Navagrahas do? Why are they worshipped?

In Indian philosophy, the theory of Rebirth and theory of Karma plays cardinal role. As explained else where in the website, the person is responsible for his present plight due to the previous good or bad deeds. Through 13th Kandam (Chapter) of Naadi Predictions, the seeker is told to perform the services or Pujas /Archanas of the concerned Navagraha to overcome the bad or malefic effect thereof. Performance of Pujas and simultaneously providing food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, lighting of lamps are some of the means by which one gets rid of papas or bad deeds and boost the punyas or good and benevolent acts.

One of the main reasons why the Naadi Predictions are referred to is, to intuit the seeker to the performance of Shanti and Parihar rituals at the earliest and in the prescribed manner. One should visit as per the directions gained in the Naadi Palm leaf under the guidance of the Naadi readers. This chapter will give enough guidance for the needy.

Navagrahas are considered to be intermediaries between the principal deity in the temple, almost always Shiva and worshipper. They each are in charge of specific areas of concern to the devotee, be it health, wealth, pursuit of knowledge, professional gainer just about any thing. The belief is that worshipping the specific graham for specific need gets the devotee the boon he craves.

In spite of wide spread worship of Navagrahas in many parts if India the fourteen Temples of these deities in the vicinity of river Kaveri delta known as Kumbhakonam are 'One of a kind'. Please read more about it :



Surya ? (Sun) Suryanar Koil

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Surya as a powerful Deity
Tale in Mahabharata
Festivals associated with Surya
Principal features of the Temple
Kandiyur Shiva - Sun Temple .
History and Festivals.
Visitor Information.


Chandra ? (Moon)
Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Pride of Shiva's matted hair
Tingaloor , moon's village
Legends Continued- Surya
Visitor Information
Thirundevankudi - Crab Temple .
Legend of crab temple
Visitor Information


Mangal (Mars) - Suryanar Koil SevvayaVaitheeswaran Koil
Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Mangal blood red Deity
History of V' koil
Benefit of worshipping.. Shiva
Benefits of worshipping chevvai
Legends of Shiva
Legends of Mangal.
Special features .Naadi astrology


Budham ( Murcury)
Place of temple-Tiruvengadu

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Budha as a Deity of wisdom
History Festivals associated with
Benefit of worshipping. Shiva
Features of the Budha Temple
History and Festivals.

Guru (Jupitor)

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa

Guru the most companionate
Special features of the Temple.

Sukkiram (Venus)

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Shukra the Deity for arts.
Legends History
Special features
Temple Information.


Shani - (Saturn)

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Shani Son of lord Death.
Tirunallar Photo
History of Tirunallar
Benefits of worshipping Shani
Benefit of bathing in theertham
Legends of Shani.
Special features
Visitor Information.


Rahu Node - of eclipse Tiru

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Rahu Half human Deity
Benefits of worshipping Rahu
Legends & what to buy?


Ketu Node - of eclipse Keezh Perum Pallam

Salutations by Maharshi Vyasa
Ketu with the head of red serpent
Keezh perum pallam
Benefits of worshipping Ketu
Legends of Ketu.
Special features

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