My first experiences of Agasthya Naadi

Then one day, Siddh’s physiotherapist named Leena told us thru Mallu, Siddh’s caretaker that there is one Mr. Murlidharan who resides near the Pune airport and he does this Naadi reading based on AGASHTHYA MAHARISHI. We called up Mr. Murlidharan and got his appointment. When we went to his office. He took the thumb impression – right one for the man and left one for the women. He would also ask you for the first letter of your name. Based on these he would bring several small books.He would open the book and read from the page which looks like this – take photo. On each page MAHARISHI AGASTHYA has written future of one individual.

Process of identifying your Page from the book.  

He would ask questions:-

  • Is your father's name so and so ? you answer Yes or No.

  • Is your mother's name so and so ? you answer Yes or No.

  • Is your name so and so ? you answer Yes or No.

  • Is your wife's name so and so ? you answer Yes or No.

Like these he will ask series of questions and you have to answer Yes or No. If you answer yes to all these questions then it is your PAGE/LEAF. So this is the PAGE on which Shri AGASTHYA MAHARISHI has written your future. After going through several such pages one page came when he asked -  

Is Your Father's Name: Mugatlal   ? Answer YES

Is your Mother's Name: Pramila      ? Answer YES

Both your Parents are alive     ? At the time the answer was YES.

Is Your Name    : Uday   ? Answer YES

Is your Wife's Name   : Priti ? Answer YES

Is your date of Birth   : 6 th August 1953 ? Answer YES

In case of Birth date he would first mention as per Tamil calendar which he would convert to Gregorian calendar - commonly used calendar.

Your age is 53 Years?    Answer Yes

I went to him in December 2005 at that time my age as per the India calendar was 53 and as per the Western calendar where one does not like get older fast was 52. 

Do you have one son & one Daughter?  Answer YES

Your Son has Medical Problems?   Answer Yes

Daughter is younger to Son?   Answer Yes 

Now it is practically impossible for any one to know all these details about me specially Mr. Murlidharan whom I was meeting for the first time.  

This is the way every individual's Page is identified.  

Once the Page is identified the details of the Page are copied on to a note book by the Naadi reader.  

After that he will read from his notes and what ever MAHARISHI AGASTHYA has mentioned would be read out in Old Tamil and another person translate this in Hindi, which would be recorded on the cassette tape. The tape and the notebook would be handed over to the individual whose future is mentioned in that Page.  

I was just stunned to say the least. As if some one has been watching me all these time. My first question to Mr. Murlidharan (Guruji), Naadi reader, What if I had come before this or after this time then my age would not have been 53? and his answer was you were supposed to come at this time only!! Not before not after.  

The future mentioned in the page also started from my age of 53. It goes in one or two year time span. So MAHARISHI would mention that in age 54-55 this would happen. In 56-57 this would happen. Like that the future is being mentioned.  

MAHARISHI has been a very Kind hearted individual besides all the other adjectives I can go on mentioning about MAHARISHI. Your life as it is supposed to unfold is written on that page. It has been over 18 months since I first went to Mr. Murlidharan and my page was being read out to me. Everything MAHRAISHI has mentioned had turned out to be true. Including the death of my father, which was supposed to take place when I would be 54? He left his body 3 rd January 2007 when I was 54. My mother is expected to live till I am 59. I have already shared this with her.

The data is systematically organized in 16 different chapters. Once you obtain your Page in the general chapter you can get all 16 pages.  

Where is the Answers to our Questions?  

Not only MAHARISHI has mentioned your future but he also mentioned the previous life. This is where the answer is contained.  

The previous life is mentioned in the Chapter No. 13. 

Now my previous life :- 

I was born in Sri Lanka in a good family, Khastria Warrior family. I got married and was living a happy life. I did not study much but learnt about medicine and then started selling medicine. I became greedy and started selling wrong medicine to make quick money. I stole money from the temple. In the process I cheated people. Some of the women had to abort their child due to wrong medicine sold by me.  

But in the later part of my life I regretted and did many good things including listening to the Gurus and charity.  

Now see what happened in this life.  

I have a son Siddh with all the physical and mental problem. I have to spend lot of money on his medicine. I had bad patch of health in between for few years. This is for selling wrong medicine. 

For cheating people: 

After coming to India I started Software Company. In spite of all these qualification and having a strong USA background which I mentioned  earlier, my software company has not grown to the size it should have with someone like me managing the company. In India in last 10 years even a small software companies have grown very big and in my case I had several set back in my software projects. We got a prestigious assignment from Air India to develop the Material Management Software competing against Tata Consultancy Services in year 1992. It was to be done in two stages first the Proto-type and then the final software. We completed the Proto-type successfully and the users were very happy with the software. But meanwhile there was problem with Air India 's Information Technology department and eventually without any fault of ours we lost the project. In fact we got a letter of recommendation from the Air India Director for doing a good prototype but the software never got completed. It is a long story but the essence of the story is that without any faults we lost the project. There are so many such failure stories in my professional life where I have lost the project due to no fault of mine.  

In year 1999 - 2000 we had developed a large travel portal way ahead of some of the travel portals existing today. Price Waterhouse & Co. at US $ 5 Million valued the web site in year 2000. Then suddenly NASDAQ crashed on April 16 th 2000 and there was a big bust in DOT COM market. We could never get the funding and eventually had to close down the site.

Who was Responsible " My Self " In Previous life I cheated people. They trusted me for my medicine and I broke their trust and in the process they suffered. So in this life other people broke my trust and in the process I suffered.  As you sow so you reap .  

Recently, I was developing a software package with my childhood school friend (so called) who left me in the middle and I had to suffer the losses. Now when I opened by chapter 10 which pertain to business ? The first sentence MAHARISHI mentions is that your friend will betray you since he is jealous of you. Now who is responsible for this? In this life of course my so called friend but in reality I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.  I cheated people in my previous life so I had to suffer this in this life. 

Who was responsible for me having a son like Siddh? None other than my self. I gave wrong medicine so I deserved that. 

SO WHAT DID SIDDH DO TO DESERVE THIS ? So immediately we thought of why not open the Leaf for Siddh. So we asked Guruji and he mentioned that if his age is more than 18 we can do so. Only in exceptional situation you get Leaf for person below the age of 18.  

In case of Siddh, we did not take him to Guruji. We just took his right hand thumb impression and went back to Guruji.  

Sure enough we found the Leaf where it mentioned everything same as before. This time we were mentioned as parents. His name, his age, full details about his present state of affairs. But before he would read further Guruji said as per the Leaf we should go to Hanuman temple on Saturday. Light a Lamp and circle around Hanuman 9 times and come back to him for further reading. So we did that.  

All the details of his illness were mentioned as if some one was again watching him. It also mentioned that HE WILL NOT BE CURED in this life, which we had already reconciled to.   


Sure enough as BABA had told us he was a monk in his previous life. He was born in Brahmin family and he studied Vedas (Hindu Scripture Books). He never got married and was attached to the Temple . He was born in what is now Known as State of Orissa . Then he got into wrong company. He started having alcoholic drinks, having relationship with may women and all the other things monks are not supposed to do. He stole money from the Temple to finance these activities. One day to get rid of his Guru monk who was scolding him, he took the Guru to a high mountain and then pushed him down and his Guru died.  

Now this is a very big Negative or Akusal Karma. Killing of Guru or  Parents is considered big Akusal Karma. 


As mentioned earlier he is suffering from all these illness and no body can cure him or would cure him. He had to go thru HIS KARMA. But he was also a Big Monk so in this life he is being taken care of so nicely by everyone in the family. Sumana our daughter loves him a lot. Though he has many disabilities, he is our mentor ? we have learnt a lot from him. We all Love him very much and we will do all the efforts in the World to give him a good and comfortable life.

We all have made mistakes so what! Now we do not want to repeat the same.   

CAN HE BE CURED ? No.  Who is responsible for this?

You know the answer. "WE OURSELVES"  

So now we have the jigsaw puzzled solved for 2 out of 3 cases. What did Priti, my wife and Siddh's mother do wrong in her life to have a son like this?  

There is a similar story for her deeds of the previous life due to which she has to undergo this pain in this life. I will share that later.











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