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My Marathi book titled "Mind Boggling Miracle - Naadi Bhavishya" got overwhelming response from all parts of Maharashtra . In that I mentioned that I was desperately trying to understand the basis of Naadi recordings. How thousands of years back, in most primitive conditions the Maharshees, whose names we read only in story books could foresee the life spans of the millions of people, who were yet to be born? How many Naadis are available? Where? A person from armed forces background who had no connection or basic knowledge of astrology began to seek answers from all possible places.

Many others who had visited Naadi Centres had sincerely narrated their mind -boggling experience of their own Naadi Predictions. Many thanked me for expounding the topic, which generally is not discussed in public. One curious reader Sri. Sonya Bapu Kumbhojkar suggested that in Maharashtra there were many personalities of repute such as Dr. Jayant Naralikar who did not believe in astrology and other predictive methods. They strongly condemned it as a hoax. Since we regard them as authorities in certain subjects we, the general public, get confused about whom to believe! Why don't you meet Naralikar and convince him about Naadi astrology, some people advised me.

So in Dec 1994, on Sri. Kumbojkar's suggestion, I managed to hand over a copy of the book to Dr. Jayant Naralikar. In a soft voice he agreed to read it and convey his opinion on the subject.

After a month, I received a letter (Please refer Letter No.1 on page -) stating that, he being a non-believer in any predictive methods he does not believe in the Naadi predictions. However, as a true scientist he suggested that a thousand or two thousand cases of Naadi records be examined for scientific research. In response, I requested him to come forward for scientific research so that the findings would receive requisite importance and recognition in the scientific world and in addition would get the backing of expert human resources and finance available at your disposal. To arouse his curiosity, I mailed two photographs of Naadi leaves pertaining to my name so that he could locate my name 'Shashikant' from it, through his Tamil-knowing friends. In the end, I requested him to send his thumb-impression if he so desired to locate his leaf with notebook, tape etc, as a special case. But it was not to be. Dr. Jayant Naralikar returned the photographs with a covering letter (Please refer letter No.2 on Page ) stating that he could neither locate the word 'Shashikant' nor could confirm the script as Tamil on the leaf by any of his Tamil-knowing friends. Therefore he considered it to be a hoax and left it to be relied on by the believers.

Now it was incumbent on my part as a responsible author of this book to establish from the photograph of the leaf what Dr. Naralikar had certified as a hoax, to prove beyond doubt that it was not so. Therefore I got the entire photograph read line by line from the Tamilian experts who could read the coded script and got it translated in English with its Tamil pronunciation in Roman script. (Please refer matter and photograph shown below. In the next photograph another leaf found out with a gap of 4 years in differnent centre shows the same name. For the benefit of Non Tamil readers the explaination of each letter is indicated, in another box.)



Note: - The Capital letters in the bracket are clearly seen in the photograph. The letters out side the bracket are for reference. The English translation is given for every word. Hence broken meaning can be derived. Tamil knowing persons may not be able to read the script but it is expected that with the help of the pronunciations provided, they will be able to understand general meaning and exactly locate my name.

Here I request readers to kindly get the same verified from their Tamil knowing friends. Let me caution the readers, as I did Dr. Naralikar, that many times even a good Tamil speaking person finds it difficult to read or locate my name in the photograph (It is on the first line between two marked dots). Many may not even understand which way to hold the photograph! But with the help of the meaning and the pronunciation produced side by side many Tamilians would be able to locate my name and grasp some letters or lines.

I have full confidence that readers will give due recognition to my translation and transliteration efforts as an unbiased and inquisitive seeker of the truth.

Now it has been ascertained that the script of Naadi records is in cryptic Tamil code-words etched without lifting the nail like sharp instrument. However many readers who have yet to undergo the amazing experience may suspect that the Naadi-reader may be extracting the required information from the seekers and somehow putting it in the leaf to read out the same, as if it was noted on the leaf. But that is not possible, since the leaf-packets are interlined with a string passing through a hole in every leaf and are opened infront of the seeker. It is not possible to fill any details in some blank spaces and cheat the customers as propagated by Dr. Abraham Kavoor. Of course, those who had some acquaintance with Naadi predication will understand the futility of that argument, which is generally put forth by so called rationalists.

Those who have yet to undergo the amazing experience will have to personally verify it to believe in it.

Whom will you believe?

Dr. Naralikar who considers astrology to be a hoax, without visiting any Naadi Centre and getting his own life read in the Naadi records. He is unfamiliar with the Tamil script and has to depend on some Tamilians who were unable to decode the script? Or he who has got the photos interpreted by the experts and presented to the readers in public? I leave the readers to judge.

One of the persons with whom I got introduced as the author of the Naadi book was a retired principal ?Adwayanand Galatge? from Bhoj ( Belgaum ) Karnataka. He was an experimenting rationalist. He has written books on physics, parapsychology and on occult sciences. He regards those Naadi predictions as products of the divine power of ancient Maharshees. He felt that the response to Naadi records from Dr. Naralikar and the treatment given to Naadi records by Dr. Naralikar was quite lukewarm and non-committal. He therefore entered into correspondence with Dr. Naralikar, and addressed five letters. Dr. Naralikar responded to his first letter in a short and curt manner stating that he disagrees with Galatge on what science stands for. In spite of repeated efforts by Sri. Galatge to enthuse, Dr. Naralikar to come forward for a scientific test of Naadi records the latter preferred to keep silent! After waiting for a long time Sri. Galatge and myself requested even Dr. Narendra Dabholkar

of B.F.E.C. to accompany us to Naadi centers in Chennai in Dec 98 to which he never responded. The Naadi leaf of Galatge was located. It contained his name and those of his parents and wife, with other accurate details. What surprised him the most was that Naadi Maharshee, Saint Agastya had stated that Galatge had come to verify the scientific basis of the predictions, accompanied by a person called 'Shashikant'! Let us hope that the rationalist organizations and the individuals who look down upon the Naadi as a hoax will come forward to undertake scientific research and also explore the possibility of divining those predictions about the future of mankind, by the present-day man with advanced technology and modern machines at their disposal.

Reproduced herewith is the correspondence with Dr. Jayant Naralikar which will throw more light on the subject.


Letter No. 1

From Dr. Jayant Naralikar To Wing Commander Shashikant Oak stating his views on the book Naadi Bhavishya.

Dear Wing Commander Shashikant Oak,

Thanks for providing me a copy of your booklet on Naadi predictions. The book narrates your personal experience. I have never experienced the Naadi predictions. However, due to the following reasons

my standpoint is of a non-believer.

  1. Till now, I have never come across a single case of predictions, which proved to be exactly true. Even your own experience and of others' instances quoted in your book also point to the same conclusion.
  2. Much talked about predictions by Nostradamus, clothed in esoteric phraseology, are usually wishfully twisted and interpreted as uncanny forecasts of certain subsequent happenings. They appear to have been inferred as the truth when the actual happening are compared with the uttering of Nostradamus. The same is the case with Naadi predictions.
  3. It is impossible to imagine that Naadi records on palm leaves are already available for all human beings born or unborn. Even if it is presumed that those forecasts are true, then in that case based on the number of Naadi leaves one should be able to foretell the population of India in year 2000, 2010, 2050 etc.
  4. If it is presumed that some body's predictions have been recorded in advance, then why is one asked to propitiate the gods to ward off evil predictions? Here it constitutes a head-on collision of two superstitions.
  5. If the scientific veracity of predictions on palm leaves is to be established it cannot be based on testing merely on my sample of past and future alone. A thousand or two thousand

samples of Naddi readings will have to be possibly investigated, based on objective parameters before arriving at any conclusion.

Yours truly,
(Jayant Naralikar)

Letter No. 2

Reply from Wing Commander Oak to Dr. Jayant Naralikar
Date: 2 Feb 1995.

Dear Dr. Jayant Naralikar,

Received your letter dated 16 Jan 1995, commenting on my book 'Naadi Bhavishya', and revealing that you hold a view of disbeliever about fortune telling in general.

I agree that it is impossible to predict the exact happenings of anybody's entire life, be it by any type of predictive-methods, such as Palmistry, Astrology, Ramal and Numerology. Limitations of human intellect will never enable accurate prediction of every event in every person's life. That is why before being introduced to Naadi predictions, I also held a similar opinion and therefore was not keen to consult them. Later when I happened to encounter Naadi Prediction accidentally, with its most accurate personal details such as names of parents, wife, and myself, Date, Month, Year of Birth and my horoscope etched on palm leaves, my opinion changed. That experience made me look upon Naadi as a miracle! Whether Naadi Predictions prove true or not, is not important to me. But the incessant quest to trace the secrets behind the miracle of Naadi records, is what interests me.

Based on available information, I concluded that Naadi recording had no relation with the predictive methods of astrology. It is not based on the principles of compilations of data, experience and assumptions, etc. It is based on every Maharshee's meditative powers, which could visualise the future of all human beings. Therefore Naadi predictions are beyond the grasp and scope of human intellect and logic.

Predictions by Nostradamus are in cryptic and mysterious language. When an incident takes place, its befitting description with some stanzas amuses the reader. But Naadi predictions, on the contrary mention the precise name of the seeker, the date, day, month and year of birth and other details etched out on palm leaves. So they do not just amuse a seeker but pose a challenge to his rationale. Thus it is superior to the much-talked about predictions of Nostradamus.

You are absolutely right that it is impossible to record predictions about every person's of past, present and future. But may be that the records are meant only for those who have been destined to seek them. There may be many persons available at all times who due to want of time, money, disbelief or other reasons may not be keen to seek them. Maharshee's might have omitted those! However, my experience is that whosoever goes to seek Naadi predictions does get his or her leaf sooner or later.

I am very keen to know through the Naadi

records the future of regions, nations and of the human race. In some Naadi-notings I have been told that in due course of time I will be able to get answers. What must have been the underlying divine purpose to undertake such a painstaking manual effort of such a gigantic magnitude of millions of inconsequential individuals? May be that the welfare of human kind might have been the driving motive behind those divine writings. But then what is the reason for omitting the future of communities and nations? May be that those Maharshee's thought that it will not be prudent or helpful for the progress of mankind?

As rightly pointed out by you, notings on palm leaves need to be examined on a scientific basis. It is beyond the scope of my intelligence and prudence. A person of your stature and international repute as an astrophysicist should undertake the research concerning Naadi records, so that the research may get due recognition, status and financial and other support.

I will be ever-ready to extend my full co-operation and support to such research. Especially till such time as I am posted in Tambaram (Chennai) I will be able to take part in the research. Enclosed herewith is a photograph of a Naadi leaf and another enlarged picture of the same containing the name ?Shashikant' etched on the leaf. You could get it read by Tamil- knowing persons. Kindly return both photographs at the earliest. I earnestly desire to seek your Naadi leaf. Due to your busy schedule if you are unable to spare time please send your thumb impression and other relevant details. I will search out your

leaves and send the predictions with notebook, cassette and photographs pertaining to your Naadi leaf.

In spite your busy schedule, you have been kind enough to communicate to me your views about my book, I am extremely thankful for the same.

Yours sincerely,
(Shashikant Oak)



First letter from Prin. Adwayanand Galatge to Dr. Jayant Naralikar

Date: 26th June 1995
Dear Sir,
This letter is occasioned by Wing Commander ( Madras ) Sri. Shashikant Oak's handing over to me, in person, his book on Naadi (in Marathi) along with the correspondence he has carried on with you and with Dr. Dabholkar of Satara. I am writing this letter to you, because I hold you in high esteem and above all, as a serious scientist and not merely as an internationally reputed astrophysicist. Also I admire your bold and unconventional views on the origin of the universe. I think progress in science more often results from rebelling against the views of the establishment, which in no way are sacrosanct. This same rebellious spirit is to be recommended in all fields of science both academic and non-academic, in pursuit of truth.I need not stress that science harbours and promotes the spirit

of free inquiry. It is open to all sorts of investigations. It loses its raison d'etre as science, the moment it loses this open-ness and this spirit of free inquiry. I am saying this, because your two letters written to Sri. Oak (Dated. 16th Jan. & 21st Mar. 95) are sadly disappointing in this respect. Your letters create the impression that you hold Sri. Oak as a highly gullible person, on whom a big hoax has been perpetrated.

But consider the following facts: Sri. Oak is not an ordinary 'run-of-the-mill' person, but holds a highly responsible Govt. post in our country's defence services. Besides, he is highly educated and a cultured person. He has no natural inclination for astrology; but his curiosity about it was roused by his accidentally stumbling upon a fact, which prima facie defies all logic and common-sense, - a fact for whose verification he has not hesitated to approach an internationally famed scientist like you. These facts clearly speak of his honesty and his serious intent and purpose. Besides, he had produced hard evidence for science to examine and on its basis, to determine the worth of the claims he has made. Those claims cannot be easily dismissed as meriting no scrutiny, if science is to be taken as a serious and disinterested pursuit of truth. Clearly Sri. Oak has not been given a fair trail, which he rightly deserves.

I, therefore, make an earnest appeal to you -

  1. To invite, through the columns of major local English Newspapers as many Tamil-knowing people, to come forwards for reading the Naadi text of Sri. Oak. (As many as possible because Sri. Oak says that he himself has found some Tamil-knowing persons, who were unable to read the text. This is natural, considering that the texts are very old. At present the copy of Oak's text is with Dr. Dabholkar.)

  2. This reading of the Naadi text should be done on an appointed date and time and at a pre-selected place, publicly. i.e. the session after due publicity through newspapers, should be thrown open to all those who are interested. (The members of the Andh.(ashraddha) Nirm.(ulan) Sam.(iti) may attend it, but not participate in it; nor will their prize of Rs. 5 lakhs be made a precondition of the investigation or its result, with a view to pre-empt the issue being unnecessarily emotionally overcharged. Let only the disinterested spirit of science prevail.

  3. If the results are negative, the matter will rest there. But if the results are positive, an appeal should be made through major science journals to come forward for further scientific investigation by other scientists of the country, of the Naadi phenomenon, whose over-all supervision and conduct will be, done by you and you alone.

    This is how science works, and should work. Science is public. Let the Naadi phenomena be proved publicly a hoax, if it a hoax. And if the claims of Sri. Oak are ultimately substantiated, let science in its mission as a truth-seeker freely accept the results and incorporate them in its menagerie for their eventual 'taming' and 'naturalisation'. The truth of Naadi phenomenon cannot be regarded as repudiation of all orthodox science any more, the Einstein theory ofphotoelectric effect can be regarded as repudiationof Thomas Young's Wave theory of light.

    I earnestly hope my appeal to you does not fall on deaf ears, and give room for history to repeat itself. I need not remind you how the rationalists of Galileo's time with their own pre-conceived theory of the universe, refused to look into his telescope, for fear of being confronted with 'brute and stubborn facts' as is amply demonstrated by Galileo in his "Dialogues on the Two Systems of the worlds".

Awaiting and thanking you in anticipation of, a line in reply.
Sincerely yours, (Adwayanand Galatge)

Copy to:
Sri. Shashikant Oak, Tambaram ( Madras )
Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, 118, Sadashiv Peth ,Satara. Pin. 415 001.
Sri. Kumbhojkar, Sangli

Post Script:

  1. Your comments that a thousand or two thousand samples of Naadi-readings will have to be investigated for establishing scientifically its veracity is not only a counsel of despair but a highly questionable proposition. How can you forget that only one sample of test on total solar eclipse in 1919 was considered as sufficient evidence in support of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity? (Let verification of Naadi be regarded as a test of Hindu 'Theory of Space, Time as Thought-constructs'). We cannot forget that all scientific revolutions have been historically wrought by a single (one sample) experiment (or tests) like Galileo's expt. of two falling bodies, Young's double-slight expt. on light, Michelson Morleys' expt. on ether's existence,

    Mendel's cross-breeding expt. on garden peas etc. etc.

  2. Your assertion that propitiation of gods to ward off evil predictions constitutes head-on collision of two superstitions, is also uncalled-for in fact, that it is exactly what is to be investigated and proved by a scientific method (namely, that they are superstitions)


Dr. Naralikar's turse reply to Prin. Galatge
Ref. : JVN/95-96/ Date: July 3, 1995
Prin. Adwayanand Galatge (Retd.)
Bhoj., Belgaum ? 591263. Karnataka

Dear Principal Galatge,

Thank you for your letter of June 26, 1995. It seems from your letter that there is a considerable gap between our relevant perceptions of what science stands for and what the scientific outlook is all about. My own views on the matter raised by Wing Commander Oak have been quite explicit and I do not wish to elaborate them further here.

Yours Sincerely,
(J. V. Naralikar)



Principal Galatge's 2 nd request letter to Dr. Naralikar
Date : 10 July 1995
Prof. Jayant Naralikar,
Director, IUCAA, Pune - 7

Dear Sir

Thank you for your kind letter of 3 rd July 95 in which you have said that, "There is a considerable gap between our relevant perceptions of what science stands for";. It must, however, be pointed out that the issue raised by Wing Commander Oak's 'Naadi' evidence, does not at all hinge on any fine perception of what science stands for. Consider the following three questions, which must be answered irrespective of the niceties about what science stands for:

  1. Does not the finding of the name of a 20 th Century person, with correct information about many of his personal details, inscribed on the ancient palm leaf of 'Naadi' constitute a grave challenge to the belief system of Western science, unless a big fraud is involved here?

  2. In the latter case don't you consider it your bounden duty and responsibility as a reputed scientist to expose this fraud publicly, for the health of western science, unless you wish to renege that science altogether?

  3. Is it your case that any facts that threaten to undermine the foundation of Western science should be conveniently disregarded as simply not existing?

This Challenge of Naadi phenomenon is too serious, Sir, to be brushed aside by having recourse to the niceties about what science stands for. Any failure on your part to meet this challenge boldly and courageously will be tantamount to accepting defeat in the face of what Galileo has called, "Irreducible and stubborn facts", that thus lapsing into the untenable position of his rationalist adversaries, who stand refuted by the history of science. This is a prospect, which no serious scientist will contemplate.

What is even worse, avoiding meeting the challenge by some subterfuge will create the impression that, being already convinced about the truth of 'Naadi' phenomenon, you are searching for some pretext to avoid public denigration of Western science. This fear of denigration, however, is misplaced, as is simply made clear by the strange and irrational ways of Quantum Mechanics.

I, therefore, still hope to receive a positive response from you.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours,
(Adwayanand Galatge)
Copy to Wing Commander Shashikant Oak, Tambaram ( Madras )



Prin. Galatge's third letter to Dr. Jayant Naralikar
Date: 21 st Oct. 1995

Dear Sir,

In continuation of my previous letter on the subject of Naadi, I write to inform you that the suggestion made by you in that letter (viz. The 'Superstition Eradication Committee' on 30th Sep. has unwittingly carried out the public verification of the Naadi text) in the city of Pune itself. On that date, in pursuance of the public call given by Dr. Dabholkar through Newspapers, people in large numbers gathered at Apte High School at 7 p.m. to satisfy their curiosity about the Naadi text. Strangely enough, Dr. Dabholkar the central figure, himself was found to be conspicuously absent on that occasion. However three Tamil speaking persons fortunately presented themselves at the venue after reading in newspapers about the public exhibition of the Naadi text. Although, for obvious reasons, they could not read the name ?Shashikant' in the enlarged photocopy of the Naadi text, they at least could vouch for the script as being explicitly Tamil, (A copy of their testimony to that effect under their signatures with their addresses is enclosed herewith)

Now that at least three persons from Pune itself, could publicly recognize the script as Tamil, as against your contention to the contrary, you will, I hope, admit that there are possibly some persons in

Madras and elsewhere, who have the necessary expertise and skill to read that old Tamil clearly and meet the scientific criteria of proper verification of the Naadi text. In a true scientific spirit, therefore, you will, I still hope, initiate appropriate steps to further explore the subject with an open mind and without any prejudice, to scientifically establish the truth or otherwise of the Naadi phenomenon. At least, there is now no reason, apart from that of your unwillingness, to wash your hands off the subject as a scientist.

Pending your initiation and execution of an appropriate plan for further scientific investigation of the Naadi phenomenon, it will not be unfair, in the light of the proven genuineness of the Naadi text, to expect you to withdraw your earlier charge against the Naadi text as hoax by means of a proper press release. This is the minimum obligation that true allegiance to science requires.

Thanking you ,
Sincerely yours,
(Adwayanand Galatge)

Copy to :
1) Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, Satara.
2) Sri. Shashikant Oak, Tambaram, Madras .

Post script: Sri. Oak himself was present at the said exhibition and he again made a public appeal

at the exhibition to all concerned to come to Madras for the scientific investigation of the Naadi, by offering to extend, all kind of help and co-operation. If his appeal is still not headed, all those who make wild and baseless charges against the Naadi as was done, for example by Dabholkar in his press release on 29 th Aug. stand condemned and exposed. (He alleged, without any proof, that the Naadi poses a danger to society)



Prin. Galatge's fourth letter to Dr. Jayant Naralikar
Date: 12 th Nov. 1995

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to seek a clarification from you of a point raised by Sri. Dabholkar's letter of 14 th Oct. 95, addressed to Sri. Oak. In para no. 5 of this letter (written in Marathi) he says that your insistence on a very large number of samples (viz. One or two thousand individuals) for the scientific verification of the Naadi text is prompted by your desire to obviate fraud. (Copy of his letter is enclosed herewith in confirmation of this). If this is the reason why you insist on a very large number of samples, I would like to know from you how fraud is obviated by having a large number of samples, since fraud is, in principle, possible in any number of samples, considering that the same time-gap may be involved in

each individual case of locating and reading the Naadi text, and Dabholkar is avowedly willing to allow any number of days for the completion of the Naadi-reading of the concerned individuals of those samples (vide his letter)

If you do not agree with Dabholkar's view of your reason for insisting on a very large number of samples, I will be expecting you to write a letter to him, endorsing a copy thereof to me, withdrawing your reliance on him for exposing the Naadi 'hoax' scientifically, in view of the fact that he has no clear or proper understanding of the scientific procedure of the investigating of the Naadi text. Moreover, he does not explain why he relies on 10 or 100 samples, which in his own view, facilitates fraud, whereas, according to you, one or two thousand samples are required. He also does not explain why he relies on Sri. Oak, avowedly a partisan of Naadi Bhavishya, for the scientific investigation of the Naadi texts . Sri. Dabholkar is thus, the most unfit person for carrying out the scientific investigation of the Naadi phenomenon. May I hope you will either repudiate him for carrying out this job or persuade him to personally undertake the investigation strictly on scientific lines?

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely (Adwayanand Galatge)

Copy to:
Sri. Shashikant Oak, Tambaram, Madras
Sri. Narendra Dabholkar, Satara,


Prin. Adwayanand Galatge's fifth letter to Dr. Jayant Naralikar.
Bhoj ( Belgaum ) 591 263, Karnataka Date: 28 th Nov. 1995
Sri. Jayant Naralikar,
Director, IUCAA, Pune - 411 007

Dear Sir,

Despite my sincere appeal to you through my four previous letters to undertake a scientific investigation of the Naadi phenomenon, first brought to your notice personally by Wing Commander Sri. Shashikant Oak. I have not received any response from you till today except the terse reply letter of 3 rd July 95, stating that there is a considerable, gap between our relevant perceptions of what science stands for. If this alleged difference of perception of science between us were the sole reason for your not responding, then at least my letter of 10 th July 95 appealing to you to undertake the investigation from the very stand-point of Western perception of science which you espoused, should have evoked a positive response from you. The non-response even to that letter forces me to conclude that Western Science does not care a hoot for such a phenomenon as Naadi. If it cares anything at all, it cares to expose the hoax that it presumes Naadi to be. Your endorsement to Sri.

Dabholkar, the Chief of Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti, the copy of the letter of 21 st March 95 addressed to Sri. Oak, in which you have chosen to call Naadi a hoax, confirms this conclusion.

Now, presuming Naadi to be a hoax, and also presuming that your endorsement of the said letter to Sri. Dabholkar's is intended to throw on him the responsibility of exposing this hoax, one cannot but suppose that you rely on his, (or his Samiti's) scientific credentials and competence for the task of exposing this hoax, or if they lack these, you guide them to do the job on strictly scientific lines. This is exactly what I have requested you to do in my last (fourth) letter of 12 th Nov. 95. But even that letter has remained unresponded, which forces me to conclude that you have endorsed the said letter to Sri. Dabholkar only for forms sake and did not seriously intend that he undertake the task of exposing the Naadi hoax in a scientific manner. This conclusion however does not show you in a good light as a scientist, inasmuch as it shows that you call Naadi a hoax without seriously intending to expose it as a hoax or to prove it as such. Perhaps you do not seriously intend to expose the Naadi as a hoax, because you have no means to do it. This is made abundantly clear from the fact that you insist on testing one or two thousand individual samples for the purpose. This is patently an impossibility in practice. This impracticable suggestion of yours, therefore, does not admit of any interpretation other than that you, in effect, purport either to accuse that Naadi- text owners of crass deception without caring to prove it, or to assert that there is no element of scientific truth in Naadi Bhavishya without

caring to substantiate your assertion in a scientific manner. This is quite in keeping with the practice of Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti, but not with the practice of a professional Scientist that you are taken to be.

Under the circumstance, there is no other alternative for you as a scientist than to depute forthwith a person, whom you trust fully and who has the Scientific acumen and the necessary investigative skill, to undertake the task of testing the Naadi text with Scientific objectivity, if you are not to lay yourself open to the charge that you are avoiding the test of the Naadi text by putting forth insurmountable difficulties on theoretical ground for fear of facing the Naadi's truth. The onus of proving the charge to be misplaced clearly rests with you. Supposing you undertake the test and supposing the results of the first test turn out positive, you are, free to follow it up with additional tests until you are satisfied to be entitled to draw the conclusion that the odds against the results turning out positive are too heavy to be due to chance, after, of course, fraud is completely ruled out. The next step in the investigation would be to find out the cause that produced these results.

I think this is a historical task that any scientist is called upon to undertake, as it would either knock the bottom from under the much-touted Naadi claims, or, if its claims are sustained, add a new dimension to the phenomena that Science has to study in its efforts to understand nature and her laws.

Either way it is an achievement of no small

consequence for science, if its objective is not to be defined too narrowly or too academically.

I may add here that, I would like to accompany your deputy to Madras as a neutral observer (or witness) at my own cost if you decide to dispatch him by the end of January next or early February, as my doctor, under whose treatment I am at present, has advised me against undertaking long journeys till then. If, you decide to send the deputy and want me to accompany him but think, it necessary to have a prior discussion with me on the subject, I am prepared to come to Pune and meet you at your place on any mutually convenient day.

Lastly, I beg you, Sir, to pardon me if my letters including this one, have proved a nuisance to you I assure you solemnly not to trouble you with any letter henceforth, even if you choose not to respond to this letter also. Which, however, I earnestly hope you will not do.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely
(Adwayanand Galatge)

Copy to:
Sri. Shashikant Oak, Tambaram, Madras

Sri. Narendra Dabholkar, Satara


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