Nature's law of selection ? Theory of karma

As we know in our life  

  1. Result = effort + your destiny 

  2. Your destiny = sum (your previous karma)  = sum (your previous efforts)   

  3. Result = present efforts + previous efforts  

Only difference is time zone. It is not just one lifetime. It is much broader than that. It includes carry over karmas from previous lives also.


Please read following pages to where I will prove this theorem.     

This website is an attempt to find some sort of cause/effect (action) relationship, between what we do and what happens to us by sharing my personal life experiences. It is very interesting and if you have few minutes please go thru the details. It may be good eye opener for you. 

Many of us go thru this life enjoying the fruits of 'our labor' without ever thinking why these things happen to us. Only time we look back is when we are in pain or surrounded by unhappy events. When things go right we never forget to take credits for the success and compliment ourselves for all the accomplishments. But when things go wrong and no one can say they do not go wrong as many of you would concur, we blame it on someone else or blame it on our 'luck', our 'destiny' depending upon our religious / philosophical orientation. We all plan for our success. How we will achieve our goals, how we will make our first million pounds or is it billion pounds these days. Sometimes we succeed and some times we do not. But I can guarantee you that no one plans for failure or unhappiness or sickness but they do occur and we do fall sick, we do get failures. People die due to cancer even if they have not smoked a single cigarette like my one uncle did and then there are people who smoke a lot and still do not die of cancer. Why?  Is it just a chance phenomenon? Unhappy events or sickness do occur to us is it because of lack of planning or it is because of our 'bad luck' or is it because some divine force is trying to punish us.  Or is it a combination of all of them. We see sometimes 'bad persons' succeeding in life and 'good persons' suffering in life. Why?  

Questions were always in my mind, why was I born in this family? Why did I get this physical look? Was it just a chance or was it part of some great divine plan. It was definitely not my great planning for sure. I thought about it but never bothered to think beyond that and then forget the question in humdrum of ?real life?. Then a sudden turn of events happened which changed everything. Me and my wife, Priti were flying 'high' in life and had sudden 'crash'. Things tumbled and life became a series of nightmares. Our first born son (siddh) had epilepsy and more.  He was cerebral palsy child. Life was jolted from its base. Suddenly everything changed.  

My problems & the answers  

We struggled thru without getting answers to the obvious questions ? Why us? What did we do wrong in this life to deserve son like this? We have been 'good guys' and why should we be punished? For what? Basically why did we have a son with such a major illness? What is the nature's law for selection ? positive events as well as negative events. It is just a random chance or more. Of course being of scientific bent of mind it was difficult to expect the random event theory. If the events are not random and they are based on something else then what is the nature's law of selection for positive events and negative events.  Even if you take positive events are due to 'our smartness' what about the negative events. Those are certainly not due to our 'our lack of smartness' in many instances. Then is it because nature likes one person and does not like the other person? Why should nature, the 'creator' play favorites? To mother all children are alike. Why did we have son with so many complications?   

Answers to the problem  

Then one day we got the answers, which explained everything, and then there was not a question left in our mind. We got the answer through Naadi Shasta practiced by great Indian saint "Agasthya Maharshi". We shared this information with many of our friends to see whether it is applicable to their lives or not. The answers came with big "yes". This is when we decided to develop this site.



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