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Uday Mehta.
C.P.A.,M.A., M.B.A, ( California ), C.M.A.,
( New York ), B. Tech. IIT Mumbai,
GCWA ( Calcutta )


After serving in World Bank and other prestigious organizations in USA and many other countries, I am settled in Pune to impart knowledge in educational field to the foreign students. Also dedicated to spread the message of Naadi Sages.

I saw Naadi Predictions 2 years back. It was shocking and very accurate. I am now convinced that the Naadi is conclusive proof of karma theory. Preached by many Indian philosophical and spiritual leaders.


Shashikant Oak

Ex- Wing Commander from Indian Air Force

I was inspired by the great Sages to write about these mind boggling compendiums of numerous lives. More one knows about Naadi more curious one becomes.


Dr. Vijay Bhatkar IIT Mumbai.
Chairman, ETH Research Lab.

Padmashree award winner and, Param supercomputer inventor. Genius scientist fully dedicated to the ancient Indian sciences.

More systematic collection of data is to be undertaken for the study of the mechanics of the Naadi astrology. My guru was miraculously saves by performance of Shanti and Parihars


Kim Paisol, Copenhagen , Denmark.

Author of only book on Naadi Palm leaf astrology by a Scandinavian.

I wish that the Maharshis predictions should be brought to outside Indian boundaries. I myself have seen very rare Naadis written by many ancient Maharshis such as Bohar, Atri, Ravan, Pullipani etc. As they say, if you want to get cured, then you will have to drink bitter medicines.


Along with me hundreds of my friends - from all walks of life, such as industrialists, business men to heavy weight politicians, famous actors and actresses. Each and every one has confirmed 100% accuracy.


Norihoto Okada, Japanese.

Regular visitor along with hundreds of Japanese to Naadi centres in Chennai and other places. His writing in Japanese has created awareness in Japan.

I am very keen to provide all possible help for making the Naadi Astrology popular out side India.


Udo and Karishma Knipper , Germany

German Couple permanently residing in India. It was he who translated the chapter on Carbon 14 Test conducted in Germany.

We have seen and vouched for the most accurate predictions of my life.


May Shue, Chinese

A beautician from Chinese origin settled in Pune. She wanted to test whether person not from India could get the leaf? She was so much impressed when her leaf noted names of Chinese origin.

The most miraculous astrological science (Jyotish Shastra)


Ana Salema Portuguese
Doctorate from Paris University .

Presently engaged in meditation and Yoga. at Gokarna Mahabaleshwar, south of Goa.

I was attracted to Indian spirituality. But when I saw the leaf astrology. I could not believe at first sight. Later I am engaged in sort of study on Naadi predictions.


Dr S. N. Arseculeratne

Emeritus Professor S. N. Arseculeratne
MBBS (Cey.), Dip. Bact. (Manch.)
D. Phil. (Oxf.)
Department of Microbiology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka

I, along with Dr. S. Sambandan submitted paper in two parts on Naadi astrology. He same was sent to late Dr. Ian Stevenson researcher of Incarnating study for last 50 years from USA.

We have conclusively proved that the Naadi (olas) palm laves do contain names of the persons and has great amount of information for the future of the individual.


FRCS; FRCGP; GP/GPwSI Orthopaedics/ GPCPD Tutor/Hon.Senior Lecturer, Sailands


London based Doctor who had presented a paper on Naadi Astrology with Dr Arseculeratne.

I presented paper on Naadi astrology in Paris . I explained my experiences in my trips to India and the Naadis. I proved as before that the names are actually written on the leaf however old it is.  

I am sure it has been now replicated by other researchers. Prof. Arseculeratne and I wrote the paper - which you have read.

The outcome was many participants believed in it; and some wanted to go to India to do theirs!!


Srinivasan K, NRI settled in California USA.

Latest Naadi lover from California who started to work for Shankar Netralaya Foundation that has been changed his out look towards life because of Naadi readings.

... I just wanted to share with you that, after experiencing my Nadi Readings with Shri. Muralidharan, my mindset has totally changed with regards to many things in life. I don't know if the future predictions really going to come true or not...I am least bothered about those....but this Nadi Experience really changed my thought process. Most importantly my desire and determination to help the needy has increased, as part of it... You are NOT only spreading the message of this Nadi Shastra...but you are also indirectly uplifting the souls of many people like me who are taking part in noble causes.


UG Krishnamurthy

Great thinker and philosopher of 20th century.

I am totally convinced that the readings are from the olas as I understand the language and the text. I had great and amazing readings too.


Norbu Wangchuk Bhutanese Bank official.

Head, HRD & Personnel Administration Bhutan National Bank
Thimphu: Bhutan
Tel# :+975-2-328588(O)17602205(mobile)
Fax #:+975-2-328839

The experiences I had at two Naadi Centres in Pune, revealed me that the rich traditions of our common culture are so deep rooted that Buddha's karma theory and Naadi writing confirm the teachings.


Late Col. Alcott

Founder member of Theosophist Society of India, Adyar.

In 1883 , He had first hand the experience of Naadi in Madras Chennai. It was fascinating.


Vijay Sabnis

An industrialist turned in Hotel industry Business as per Maharshi's predictions.

had innumerable experiences of Atri Naadi and had taken cases in hundreds to Atri Naadi.


Bahari Malhotra industrialist

Wakefield 's foods and IT Park Promoters

I got inspired by Wg Cdr Oak's lecture in La Meridian. I brought Dr Vijay Bhatkar to investigate the secrets of Naadi science.


Mahesh Bhatt, Film director.

Follower of philosophy of J Krishnamurthy and UG Krishnamurthy. In

He along with UGK went to Naadi. In Bangalore . The revealing was really amazing.


Kavita Kapoor.

Heroine of TV serials & Film actress.

I went to Pune with apprehension, but came totally convinced that the predictions were nothing more than a miracle.


Asha Parekh
Hindi Cinema Actress

Famous leading lady of Hindi silver screen of yesteryears.

Tears came in my eyes when I got the readings.


Sanjay Dutt Hindi film actor and son of Sunil and Nargis Dutt.

He was involved in many court cases. Latest being his wedding with Manyata Sheikh.

In my difficult days these predictions gave me confidence of bright future. I performed the Parihars as per my parents' insistence.


Nilesh Trivedi,

Industrialist from Gujarat .

Managing Director Sahajanand Industries, Vadodara, Gujarat . Presently acting as translator in Naadi Centre voluntarily.

I was able to come out of the heavy losses in business. Now I am in much more comfortable position. I owe this to the guidance of the Naadi Maharshis.


Navjyot Singh Siddhu
MP and Famous Indian cricketer of yester years

He saw Naadi in Colombo when the test Match was abandoned due to heavy rains in 1994.

While narrating his experience to his fellow players in Chennai, he said, "They are not fakes". The black spot on his back and predictions that he will soon be bestowed with a daughter had proved that the future narrations also come equally true.


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