You have to give your Thumb Impression. 

How to give you Thumb Impression: –

  1. Please use Inkpad to give your thumb impression.

  2. Give your thumb impression on a paper 2 or 3 times so that lines should be clear.

  3. If you want to send it through E-mail then scan the paper having your thumb impression. Please save the in .jpg or .gif format.

  4. You can also send the thumb impression by post or courier.

Naadi seeker contacts Naadi centers

To find the perfect leaf, you directly contact Naadi Centers of your choice or all of them as you like.
In order to find your leaf your Thumb impression is must. Besides that there are two different options

Option - 1

  • The Naadi reader would ask you questions on phone like
  • Is you your name so and so you may answer Yes or No. (Do not give the Name voluntarily)
  • Is your Father’s name so and so you may answer Yes or No.
  • Like these there will be series of question which you answer Yes or No.
  • This may take some time

Option - 2

Along with your Thumb impression you send

  1. Your name
  2. Your father’s name
  3. and date of Birth

Then Naadi reader would search the Naadi leaves and if he find all three matching then Naadi centre/s will contact you

Mentioning your mother’s name, Spouses’ name (if married), No. of brothers/sisters, children, education, professional details etc.

If this information is correct then it is your leaf.

Based on our experience we recommend second option since besides saving your time, at times Naadi seekers have felt that in their question/answers session so many questions have been asked that they may not be totally convinced that these information is actually being based on the reading of the leaf.
Please note this is a direct correspondence between Naadi Seekers and Naadi Readers and this website has no role to play.

This website is not responsible in any way.



Finding Perfect leaf

The seeker sends scanned thumb impression to the chosen Naadi centers where a search of the exact leaf pertaining his/her leaf will be carried out by their expert staff.

“The reading demands painstaking patience for the Naadi reader as well as the “destined” Naadi seeker. After taking the thumb impression– right hand thumb impression for gents and left hand thumb impression for the ladies. The palm-leaves are classified and indexed in packets according to the impression. Before revealing the predictions to the individual, his identity is first ascertained by confirming the details of his date of birth, parents profile planetary positions at the time of birth, marital status etc.”

While the search will be undertaken based on the information of names of the seeker and his/her father and the date of birth. In case the leaf matching with these details is located then the Naadi center will approach the seeker to confirm the other details such as mother and spouse's names, number of brothers and sisters and children if any, education, employment/business profession, horoscope etc.

If the seeker wishes to be in touch with Naadi Center then onwards they are welcome.


After finding the leaf first the Tamil Prediction is being noted down from the leaf to a booklet in Tamil and then it is converted into English.

Tamil Material Converted into English Tamil Prediction is being noted down from the leaf to a booklet in Tamil and then it is converted into English







Tamil Material

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