Shashikant Oak was born on 31 July 1949, at 1535 hrs in a middle class Brahman family in Pune. He was the eldest with two younger sisters. Both are married and settled.

Wife - Alka. Children: Son - Chinmay and Daughter - Neha, both presently unmarried.


His father Janardan was a wholesale cloth merchant in his later part of life, in Madhavnagar, a township known for cotton power loom industry in a old princely state of Sangli, in southern Maharashtra.

Mother Mangala, a very brilliant lady with many arts like knitting, singing, acting, picked up the art of performing Kirtan (It is a musical rendering of thematic spiritual discourses with devotional songs) as a hobby later on turned in to a full time profession. At the age of 79 she is fully active.


His parents had Guru in the name of 'Swami Pradyananand Saraswati'. His life time achievement was to translate great epic from Hindi "Shri Ram Charit Manas" in to Marathi. He also rendered a commentary on the same running to 5000 hand written pages. Shashikant also got some initiation from Guru Pradyananand Saraswati. Shashikant owes his spiritual bend of mind to his parents. It was their upbringing and discussions at nights had a long lasting impact on his personality.

Shashikant considers having many gurus in his life on different occasions. First being his father who initiated him 'Gayatri Mantra' in the sacred thread ceremony. It was confirmed in many ways after his father's demise. In his Naadi readings in 9th and 12 th chapter by Agasthya Maharshi mentioned you had many spiritual Gurus in the past and will have many in years to come.

Shashikant considers him lucky to have the grace and blessings of many Great personalities and enlightened souls. On one occasion in 1978, in Haridwar, Shashikant with his family happened to be in the Ashram of Anandamayi Maa in Kankhal. Maaji, very old by them, was to be lifted to place her in a seat. Out of no where, Shashikant was called to place her into seat. 'It was a rare and special honour', someone remarked present there.

Govind swami (Kaka) Upalekar of Phaltan, Mahadba Maharaj alias Dhulgaonkar Patilbaba of Narsobachiwadi were the other two. Mahadaba  Maharaj used to be regular visitor to his houses in Madhavnagar. In his childhood he got initiated 'Om Namah Shivay' Mantra by Gokhale Guruji, It was due to chanting of this mantra, the black magic episode of Baby Maushi (Maternal aunt) could be averted. The same was penned down in the form of a novel titled "Apachayita " - person under evil shadow, 25 years later by Shashikant.

In between years, Yogi RamsuratKumar became yet another Guru, whose name was mentioned in the 9 th Chapter of Agasthya Naadi. The incident of that encounter has been vividly narrated in the book refer Chapter No. 16, 17 and 18.

Latest in the chain of Gurus is Chitale Baba from a suburb on the outskirts of Pune. Chitale Baba is known for his mastery on the supernatural powers bestowed by the Navanaths Sidddhars. Especially Jalandhar nathji. As per his revealing  Shashikant went to Peaks of Himalaya.


Shashikant's early schooling was in a place called Islampur. There his father worked as Manager cum owner of Mohan Talkies theatre. There they met Guru Swami Pradyananand Saraswati, who was stationed in the premises of Dr. Balasaheb Vaidya, a leading medical practitioner. On one occasion, in front of theatre crowd, Shashikant was made to recite some chapters of Bhagwat Geeta which he had by hearted at the age of seven years.  He went to Seth Ratilal Vitthaldas Gosalia, high school in Madhavnagar. He passed SSC with ordinary marks. He graduated from Chintamanrao College of Commence. While in the first year of M. Com., he was called in, for interview in Mysore Selection Board. Later on, in the Indian Air Force service, he missed to complete his post graduation due to proverbial 'exigencies of service'. Thus the prediction that this child will not be able to complete his education came true.

Service in Indian Air Force

Shashikant joined defence service as 'Pilot Officer', in Non- technical, Non-flying, the ground duties 'Accounts branch' in 1971. This is a unique branch only in Air Force. The nature of the duties was some what mixture of Bank manager cum Chartered Accountant, cum Stores Inventory controller. In higher posts, the role was of Financial Controller. The service is in regular uniform with full duties of ground defence in the times of hostilities.

Shashikant served in different parts of nation. He served three times in Srinagar, J & K Air field, twice in New Delhi , Chandigarh and Pune, once in Kanpur , Sulur ( Coimbatore ), Tambaram and finally in Halwara ( Ludhiana - Punjab ).

While in Tambaram he got accidentally introduced to The Naadi Predictions topic. In his 32 years long service, many instances of his helping nature came to light.

He was in the working group, which recommended and implemented shifting of pension services for Air Force personnel. In 'Ops Pawan' times of Srilankan Peace keeping operations he served at ground base. His paper on 'Making of Wills for defence personnel' was well appreciated. His evidence as an expert prosecution witness in one of the Court Martial proved to be fatal. The same was referred while reading the Naadi Leaf.

Auto writing

While getting many responses form the people on Naadi Predictions, one Ramesh Natu from Sangli sent some books on autoweriting by Bhavnagris, Parsi couple from Mumbai. He was fascinated with the idea. However he had to wait for years to get to know of it from another Parsi lady. When Shashikant went to learn Auto writing to Nan Umriger, a Parsi lady form Pune, she told that Avatar Meher Baba had the blessings to enter the spirit world through his father (Dada as Shashikant used to fondly call). Janardan, his father (expired on 10 Jan 1981), was the main person who acted as 'medium' for Auto writings.

Shashikant picked the auto writing very fast. In just two weeks the sentences started to getting formed. His father told that he was ordered by Avatar Meher Baba to get connected to you through auto writing. However he warned that autoweriting is not to be equated as a fortune telling. Please do not ask for any solutions or remedies for your or any others' worldly problems. The topic for the auto writing was 'autowriting' itself. {More about the Auto writing in the chapter on Auto writing.} In the subsequent auto writings many masters and great personalities had done the auto writing.

Presently based on the instructions from the masters the imparting of training, solving the problems of the needy by autoweriting for others has been suspended for the time being.

Naadi Predictions

On one fine day, some time in Jan 1994, he happen to go to Naadi centre located about 4 -5 Kms from his Tambaram air base.

Like other Naadi seekers he also was zapped by the accuracy of past events and divination of future course of events.

First in disbelief, on many occasions with the help of his Tamil friends, he undertook all sorts of detective work to catch the culprits of Naadi Centre persons' bamboozle. He examined and checked and rechecked the evidence on the leaf. Verified statements made by rationalists. Lastly came to conclusion that the matter which is revealed as written on the palm leaf is in fact written and the present day lot of Naadi readers merely read as per the ability they acquire by practice. He started to make written nothings of this near relations. While doing so he felt that this fund of knowledge should be brought to the notice of all strata of the Nation and if possible to all interested individuals irrespective of religion, nationality, language etc.

In his endeavour to verify the authenticity of the palm leaf writings, many Naadi centre were unhappy in the beginning. However after some time they cooperated to their ability. Many stated, "it is good that a person like you from armed force background should come forward for investigation of Naadi palm leaf. Now there will not the any blame on the part of Naadi centres that they are blowing trumpets of Maharshis work of their own."

He started with an article in Marathi which soon transformed to the form of a book in the shape of a periodical. As per the demand of Naadi centres, later it got published in Tamil. On demand, its Hindi and English versions got published from one of the leading and prestigious Publishing house fdrom New Delhi - M/S Diamond Publication Books.

Now as a global activity he has undertaken "Naadi guru on" website as domain contributor. With this website, we want to create a databank of many many persons with credentials and experiences to go to the forum of the scientific fraternity.This web site is will act as facilitator and will not charge any money from the Seekers or from Naaadi centres. 


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