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WHAT IS THE NATURE'S LAW FOR SELECTION ? POSITVE EVENTS AS WELL AS NEGATIVE EVENTS. Is it just a random chance or more? Of course being of scientific bent of mind it is difficult to accept the Random Event Theory. If the events are not random, then on what are they based? What is the Nature's Law of Selection for Positive Events and Negative Events? Even if you take Positive events are due to 'Our Smartness' what about the Negative Events. Those are certainly not due to our 'Our Lack of Smartness' in many instances . Then is it because Nature likes one person and does not like the other person? Why should Nature, the 'Creator' play the game of favourites?

To Mother all children are alike. I quote my own example. My wife, and me Priti were flying 'High' in life and had sudden 'Crash'. Things tumbled and life became a series of nightmares. A sudden turn of events happened which changed everything. Our first-born son (Siddh) had Epilepsy and more. He was Cerebral Palsy child. Life was jolted from its base. Suddenly everything changed. Then one day we got the answers, which explained everything, and then there was not a question left in our mind. We got the answer through Naadi Shastra practiced by Great Indian Saint "AGASHTHYA MAHARISHI". We shared this information with many of our friends to see whether it is applicable to their lives or not. The answers came with big "YES".




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Naadi Predictions more amazing than the Great Nostradamus ?  
Michel de Nostredame (December 14, 1503 – July 2, 1566), usually Latinized to Nostradamus.
The caption of this article might shock many readers. Because up till now every one presumed that Nostradamus was and is the number one astrologer, of the world! Now who is this new Naadi astrologer?
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