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Documented evidence of theory of Karma:

Documented evidence of theory of Karma:

The very word "Naadi" in Tamil means -"destined". Hence destiny has leaves for those who wished to have their readings. Naadi is a collective name given to palm-leaf manuscripts dictated by ancient sages predicting the characteristics, family history, as well as the careers of innumerable individuals destined to refer them.

The Maharshis (great sages) as they are called in Indian scriptures, who dictated those Naadis, were gifted with such a remarkable foresight - that they accurately foretold the entire future of mankind. Many scholars different parts of India have in their safe keepings several Granths (Volumes) of those ancient palm-leaf manuscripts dictated by great visualizing souls, alias sages such as Agasthya, Bhrugu, Vasistha, Shukra, Kak-Bhujander and many other venerable saints.)

Many of those who are not destined may not even know such a type of unbelievable astrology exists. But for those who are lucky, the very age when the native is destined to get to them is marked on the leaves.

Therefore, when, where, and for whom one gets the prediction is all predetermined by the nature of selection. It is also stated that certain percentage of the population of the world only are likely to get these results as available. The age of those palm leaves were carbon dated to 350 to 400 years old. (For more details read Carbon 14 dating Test results in Chapter 25. Page No.156 of Book 'Naadi Predictions - A Mind Boggling Miracle' by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak) have been serving the mankind in spite of political and natural upheavals in the course of time due to wars and natural calamities.

Study indicates that Naadi Astrology has been in use for at least for 4000 years. The treatises were probably first written on palm leaf scrolls in Sanskrit, the predominant language of ancient India and later on translated in Tamil and other South Indian languages. The treatises are believed to have been originally composed long ago by the Sapta Rishis or the seven great sages.


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