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Documented evidence of theory of Karma:

Why the Need for Naadi Astrology?

The words like Naadi Predictions /Astrology or in Indian context, “Nadi Bhavishya or Naadi Jyotishya” have the same meaning.

There are many who may ask, “Why there is a need for these leaves and Naadi Predictions system is the first place?” Well, the Sages themselves had stated in their scriptures that by the time man evolved himself to these modern times, his mind would have become so clouded by the things of this world that he would have forgotten his true spiritual nature.

Consequently, this astrological system was created to bring people to a memory and realization of their true, divine nature. The Sages also said, “that from the chaos of the modern times a yearning would rise within the heart of man to seek beyond the supposed limitations of this world.” Thus this system of truth was written by Sages for each individual soul and shows the entire role of the soul from the beginning of time. In present times, records of Agasthya Maharshi who is the founder of Tamil language and grammar are available in almost all Naadi centres.

Thus, whoever is destined to look into the leaves will find their way to a Naadi reader of their own accord. The very word “Naadi” in Tamil means, “destined to come on own accord.”


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Significance of Naadi

Naadi Prediction

Naadi Predictions more amazing than the Great Nostradamus ?  
Michel de Nostredame (December 14, 1503 – July 2, 1566), usually Latinized to Nostradamus.
The caption of this article might shock many readers. Because up till now every one presumed that Nostradamus was and is the number one astrologer, of the world! Now who is this new Naadi astrologer?
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